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Toni Zuma Six Sentence Sex Scene

Posted by tonizuma on November 17, 2010 at 1:27 PM Comments comments (15)

Here's a scortching, six-sentence excerpt from Hot Summer Fling.


With each stroke, I tugged him toward my wetness, letting him brush against the hot opening, enticing him to come inside. But he refused to be rushed. He inched down my body, leaving kisses on my stomach, licks to my belly button, and nips on my thighs before settling his head between my legs. The feel of him between my legs, his breath against me, was about more than I could stand. When his lips began tugging at me and, oh God, his tongue began lapping and circling my clit, I grabbed his head, holding his probing mouth closer. I was almost there. And he knew it.

Tips for Better Sex

Posted by tonizuma on May 5, 2010 at 1:33 AM Comments comments (0)

I read a short piece today by the editors of called 13 Simple Tips for Seriously Better Sex*. The piece claims that trying their simple secrets today will have you craving more (sex) tonight.


I won't go into all 13, but I had to share the tip that made the number three spot: Read Something Hot.


Let's share the logic, shall we?


  • Having sex is good for our health.
  • Reading erotic novels can be good for lighting a fire under our libidos, which can lead to more and better sex.
  • Therefore, reading erotic novels is also good for our health.


So why not give tip 3 a try? Read something hot today and have more fun tonight. What do you have to lose? Except stress, that icky pent-up feeling deep in your belly, a few minutes of your favorite TV program.


To get you started, I suggest, ahem, Hot Summer Fling, or any one of the many amazing and erotic books from Lyrical Press (


Do something good for you.





Hot Summer Fling: The Sequel

Posted by tonizuma on May 3, 2010 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (1)

This is the first entry on my new blog. I'm a blog virgin no longer but still very inexperienced, so I appreciate your patience.


I recently received a comment from a reader asking whether I'm planning a sequel to Hot Summer Fling. I would have responded directly to this reader but she/he didn't leave an address, so it seemed like the perfect first blog material.


The short answer is No, I hadn't planned a sequel. However, the majority of comments I've received since the release of Hot Summer Fling concern readers' desire for Lily and Jack to end up in the happily-ever-after category. I thought I'd addressed the whole fling-thing on You Gotta Read ( But I'll do it again here, briefly.


Lily had a lot more life to experience, lovers to love, dreams to fulfill, and just because flings don’t end in happily ever after (aka commitment or marriage), doesn't mean they're not satisfying romances. Lily's fling with Jack is, at heart, the story of one woman’s gift to herself: a romance that fulfills her, body, mind, and soul.


So, while the short answer is No (wait, this has turned into a very long answer -- oh well!), it could be that when Lily is ready to settle into that one true love, she may find him (translation -- I may write him). HE could be Jack. HE could be another equally hot man. HE could be a SHE (you never know in the world of erotic romance). I'll let you know.


Right now, I'm working on a steamy piece featuring an Irish hunk (Sean) and an American beauty (Kristin). Here's a preview...just for readers of my blog. Enjoy!


Sean drizzled kisses like rain over Kristin’s naked body, running shivers up her insides, trillions of tiny sensations awaking in hunger. She threw her head back and let his talented lips do incredible things to her neck, her nipples, and the underside of her breasts. Let them dance across her ribs, tease her belly, her navel. His hands joined in, caressing her flesh, slowly, carefully, as if he didn’t want to miss a single inch. His warmth penetrated everywhere he touched, causing wave after wave of desire to crash through her.

He moved down, past the volcanic vee of her crotch, to paste kisses on the inside on her right thigh. When he got to within an inch of her pu**y, he moved to the other leg, repeating the exquisite torture. He slid both hands down her legs and palmed her mound, pressing against it with the heel of his hand, kneading. He parted her damp lips with his thumbs, gently, like he was opening a delicate and rare treasure box, and placed them on her c!it. Clipping the flesh between both thumbs, he gently rubbed it to a tiny peak. She cried out in pleasure.

“Ah, Sean. It feels so good.”


“Hold on, love. There’s more.”


Ahh. Was it good for you? Til next time... take time to love on the picante side of life.